Sales Training

Maximize Your Sales now

We offer a range of bespoke training and coaching options to our clients which can drive up sales efficiency by as much as 25%.

Sales Master Class

This is our scheduled quarterly sales training designed to equip sales people with practical and result-oriented strategies for offline sales. The Sales Master Class is focused essentially on B2B sales. At the SMC we focus on such topics as Objection handling, buyer engagement, effective cold calling, premium value selling, excellent closures, discovery selling etc

Social Selling

We train organizational sales talents to adopt and maximize social selling tools for optimal sales. Such tools as Owler, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are powerful platforms that are revolutionizing sales in ways that have never been seen before.

Sales Enablement Training

This focuses on the use of technology in the sales process.

Productivity Enhancement Training

We organize productivity enhancement sessions for sales organizations intending to better their sales outcomes.

Sales Retreat and Performance Reviews

We bring a new approach to performance review and improvement based on data, analytics and training.

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