Sales Technology

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At Sales Ruby we are at the fore-front of the deployment of cutting-edge technology employing innovation in solving everyday sales challenges. We have commissioned a number of sales enablement tools including Field Execution Trackers, SDR Performance Manager and Customer Information Management Systems.

Many of these solutions are enterprise grade and can be customized to fit the specific needs of individual organizations. Their use have driven up sales by as much as 25% and reduced sales force redundancy by about the same margin. Sales in the 21st century is constantly evolving such that no sales team can long survive competition if they do not keep pace with the rapid evolution of sales technology.

Field Execution Trackers Field Execution Tracker is an integrated enterprise-grade application used by FMCG organizations, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing organizations etc in monitoring shop floor activities. It executes real-time and detailed analysis of execution activities for sales reps across shop floors globally. The application aggregates picture postings from all field execution activities, deduct multiple posting of same picture and calculate average percentage achieved. Execution trackers reduce average execution time by as much as 50% from 200Seconds to about 100seconds.

SDR Performance Manager Performance Manager is a solution created to manage the performance of sales officers with a view to enhancing selling efficiency. SDR Performance Managers are particularly useful in enhancing the performance of sales reps doing less than average. The solution allocate daily call targets, monitors execution of the assigned targets for first-time calls and repeat visits; as well as extract details of every sales engagement. There-after it aggregates average closure rates per sales officers while providing real-time reports for the daily performance of sales officers and units; measuring them against targets and identifying training needs.

Customer Relationship Management Solution Customer Relationship Management Solution is an end-to-end tool for managing the SDR engagement with the customer. In many instances, CRM has been noted to improve sales outcomes by as much as 30%. It is first a vital platform for collecting customer information making it easy to know and understand the customer. It is used to schedule meetings, send reminders, prospect leads and follow up.

Integrated Sales Enablement Solution The Integrated SES simply aggregates all the functions of the 3 sales enablement tools above.